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Monday, June 27, 2011

The last email....

dude. i am going to see you in two days. life is really weird right now. the baptisms were so awesome. the week was so awesome. it's not real that i'm coming home. it's. not. real.

so tomorrow i go down to mcallen. i'm gonna probably going to lunch with some recent converts. then at 2:30 i have my interview with president trayner. then i'll probably go hang out with some more members until we have dinner at the mission home at 6:00 and a testimony meeting. sister carlos is coming home with me, so we'll have a sleepover at the mission home. then in the morning we'll eat some breakfast and head on our way.

i will be seeing you. too soon.



Francisco's Baptism
My last Zone Conference
 Luis and Victor at Victor's Baptism
Cutest little missionary ever!  Jacob
Me at the Freddy Fender Monument.....Who knew he was from San Benito??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Strong Finish

howdy everybody.

it has just come to my attention that i only have one week left of my mission. i kind of feel like someone just punched me in the stomach or like i ate too much chile or something. i don't know what happened. i had 18 months to go and now all of the sudden they are gone.

this should be a good week. we are getting some mini-missionaries again for the week, we're picking them up today at 4:45 and they'll just be out with us all week. i guess god wanted to make sure i wasn't sleeping my last week away or something. had to keep me on my toes. we have zone conference on wednesday, and then two baptisms this weekend (francisco's got postponed for a week) so it should be a good ending. victor is going to be baptizing his brother luis, so that will be really neat.

did i even tell you all last week that sister martinez got transferred? it all happened so suddenly. now i have a companion named sister lichfield and she is so stinking cute. we clicked right away and have been having a blast. i'll get to see sister martinez at zone conference this week. she went to my old area in brownsville.

the heat index was at like 115 this week. they told nobody to go outside. apparently there's all these fires and crazy stuff too. all i know is the second i walk out the door i feel like i just got out of the shower, only it's my own sweat. nasty.

random thing of the week: we saw a coyote on our morning run the other day. that was pretty intense and we were afraid it was going to chase us.. but it ran away. anyway. i guess that's it. who knows if i will even email next week. "this could be the last blog.." oh snap i just remembered the funniest youtube video ever.

well. keep it real, everybody. see you soon, i guess.



Monday, June 13, 2011

Crazy Week!

hello everybody.
this was this craziest week of all time. so many people's lives were falling into shambles and so many miracles also happened. our investigator francisco is just the sweetest little angel ever. he got his baptismal interview this sunday and is good to go for this weekend as long as he doesn't drink any more beer. he was still pretty on the fence this week about his baptismal date, but he told us that one night he was praying and he had a dream. he saw all these little children and all these little lambs and then he heard a voice that said "this is the lamb that takes away your sins." he had the same dream five times in a row. he said he knew that it was from god and that he needed to get baptized. he's finally decided to give up the drinking for good. he's going to go back to mexico in august and he wants his whole family to get baptized because he knows this is god's church. he is just on fire.
     we've also been visiting my favorite cerdan family a lot this week. luis (victor and daniela's brother) is here from mexico and has been coming to church and is thinking about getting baptized on the 26th. they are the greatest family ever and i love them so much.
    have i told you about brother ricker? he's this man that used to be a branch president and a patriarch, and then after his wife died a couple years ago he went completely inactive and angry. we've been visiting him almost every day these past two weeks and he's been coming back to church. i love him. he reminds me a lot of my grandpa clark, maybe that's why i love him so much.
    anyway. life is still good here and getting better. the closer it gets to me getting home, the less real it feels. i think i will just always be a missionary.

not looking forward to seeing you all soon,


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life is Awesome

hello everybody!
i have good news. i tried on my jeans today and they still fit me! it seems as if only my face has gotten fatter.
anyway. yes, it is still super hot down here. so the world isn't ending. we had a great week here. our investigator francisco is so stinking awesome. in gospel principles class, the teacher had him introduce himself. and he said, "my name is francisco javier aguilar. for about the past year or so i have been looking for god's true church. i feel like i have found it. " he's so awesome. he has some problems with drinking, but i have no doubt in my mind that he'll be able to quit. he's awesome.
we also found this awesome family... sandra, carina, beau, and lauren. they're great. um. i don't really have much else to talk about today. life is still awesome. i'll see you all soon enough. hope you're all doing great!

Monday, May 23, 2011


buenos dias!

another hot week has gone by here in sunny texas. cinthia got baptized this weekend it was so nice. AND. turns out her boyfriend is realizing that he's crazy about her, so they're going on tuesday to get the marriage license and will hopefully be getting married by this week's end. it's amazing how heavenly father just makes everything work out if we do his will. cinthia is an amazingly prepared person and is just so willing to do whatever it takes to be happy and to live with god after this life. she's going to be the best member missionary ever.

this week we made great strides with our investigator, francisco, who i probably have not told you anything about. he is such a great guy. he is here from mexico.. he had to come because things at his work got very crazy with the drug cartel. so his family is still there and he's here laying low for a while. for about a year now he says he has been searching to find god and to find his true church. he had been praying about it a lot the week before we showed up at his door and he knows that god sent us to him. he has been reading the book of mormon like a mad man and praying and came to church this week for the first time and LOVED it. we set a date with him for the 19th of june. he is the coolest. he's been telling his wife and kids in mexico about it and wants to send the missionaries to them too.

hmm. what else has happened this week. oh i got to see a bunch of the young single adults who would come out with us all the time from laredo (pictures)... they came down for some YSA conference and came to church here in harlingen. it was nice to see them.. and weird that it has been more than a year since i had seen them. man i am old.

well, i would just like to challenge everyone out there in cyber land to write me one more letter before i get home. you have five weeks. yes, i do still exist, and it does still suck to not get mail. help me. p.s. if your name is kate or marni or bonnie you are excused from that because i still need to write to you.

anyway. hope that you are all doing well.


sister morrill

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Trunky Transfer

She told me in her letter to me that she did not get transferred, so she will spending her last 6 weeks in San Benito with sister Martinez.  She's happy about that as they have a baptism coming up they both wanted to be there for.  Here's her letter:

hello, people!

this week it got up to 105 degrees here in the lovely valley. it seems that all of the states around us are getting torrential downpours of rain but we are looking like we're having a drought here. looks like i won't be getting a "mormon helping hands" t-shirt for hurricane clean up this year. sigh.

anyway, this week was great! cinthia is amazing! her boyfriend started being lame about getting married and wanting to wait until june. and so it looked like she was just going to put off her baptism and wait til june when they got married. (the thing is though, for the past year they've been "planning on getting married" and it's always "next month.") so we were worried about her. but. she came to church and got her baptismal interview anyway. and at the end of the interview elder wells had her pray and ask God what she should do. and she said, "the answer comes so clear every time. i'm going to move out." and she did it! she talked to her boyfriend last night and it's for sure. we're going over tonight to help her pack and plan the baptism.. she's moving in with her mom in brownsville until boyfriend will marry her. she is so happy! i've never seen her face just glowing. i think it's because she's known all along what she needed to do but she was fighting it. so when she finally decided to just do whatever heavenly father asked her to do, all the worries went away and she could just feel joy. it reminded me of myself.. fighting going on a mission forever, but then when i finally decided to accept whatever heavenly father told me, all of my doubts and worries went away and i knew it was the best decision i had ever made. i feel so humbled to be able to find people who are actually willing to act in faith and do what it takes to follow god and live his standards.

hope this email finds you all happy and well. until next time.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Short one...

hello, everybody and happy mother's day!

it was a good week here in the heat. if all goes well, our investigator cinthia should be getting baptized and married next weekend. pray that her boyfriend doesn't do something crazy...

anyway. i used too much of my time today looking at pictures and talking to the missionaries in here distracting me. so. i will have to write more next week. but i hope you all had a great mother's day and cinco de mayo.

hasta la proxima vez

hermana morrill